Automating HR - 8 tips for smaller companies

I hate manual repetitive tasks that don’t add value to the work of our team. Unfortunately, in HR, there are many. In the past, we’d run around manually adding information on various HR systems, notify IT, update managers on recruitment stats, new hires, and the list goes on and on. That’s why we’ve been working on ways to automate these processes. And there are some pretty cool systems with great WebAPIs.

3 tips to boost staff recognition programs

Peer recognition is probably the most rewarding and most essential way to reinforce excellence. Often traditional recognition models may have been developed to do so, but they sink in it's own heavy weight.  The practise of allowing people to nominate someone for a quarterly award just didn't catch on. Instead of having a heavyweight program, we introduced a lightweight 'Kudos' model which constantly reinforces great work and awesome behaviours without needing explicit direction or acknowledgement from the top. Something to consider it to simplify the process to boost peer to peer recognition.

Re-thinking Performance Reviews

Do you ever wonder if and how you could call a halt to your performance review process? Do you think traditional processes are marred by the distribution curve (and forced rankings), huge time investments and low impact on performance improvements?. Keep reading... Let us be your guinea pig! Our organisation has conducted an open review of our new performance review model for everyone to see.